Commercial Claims

Commercial claims can be technical and detailed but we can also be handle them simply and effeciently, we are confident that we can maximise the claim value to your benefit as most commercial claims can be undervalued.

Due to this we base our fees in this area on an individual case by case basis depending on the complexity and nature of the claim. Call us for a no obligation consultation prior to our engagement and if you agree with our advice and proposals we will agree the fee with you prior to commencing any work.


Our experience employees will oversee every aspect of your claim from the beginning to the end we will ensure that it is dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible and we will make sure you have used the full extent of your insurance policy.
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Acting for you, we will ensure with our support that you decide how your claim is dealt with and how your business is run in the meantime. We will ensure that your company receives the best and quickest possible settlement.
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Other Commercial Claims

We are confident our professional loss assessing service will ensure that the claim is dealt with and settled as soon as is practicable and with the right professionals dealing with the claim from Chartered Accountants to Chartered Surveyors

Insurance claims for commercial clients are not limited to fire and flood but can range from business interruption when a water main bursts to smoke damage when an adjoining building catches fire to a myriad of other issues.

Auctoritas Solutions have dealt with almost every eventuality that results in an insurance claim and as such we are well placed to offer our professional loss assessing services to aid you in the process.

We are confident that we will be capable of obtaining the best settlement possible within the shortest time frame.  We will put together a strong team of professionals to ensure that all aspects of the claim are dealt with to both your satisfaction but also to insurers requirements to obtain approval for the claim.

With a commercial claim Insurers are likely to appoint a loss adjuster so it is essential that you are professionally represented also.

Please call us to discuss your claim with no obligation where we can advise you of the options available to you

Our offices are always contactable and ready assist with any questions and concerns.

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