Commercial Flood

Whether it is an escape of water or flood claim the damage caused can be substantial. Often the claim may not look much on the surface but thorough investigation is often required to not only ensure that the damage is rectified completely but that the original source is discovered and repaired. Damage caused by water may look minor but can cause major long lasting effects.

Why use us?

As Auctoritas Solutions are acting for you, we will ensure with our support that you decide how your claim is dealt with and how your business is run in the meantime. We will ensure that your company receives the best and quickest possible settlement.

  • We will handle any interim payments with your insurers.
  • Find substitute storage premises if necessary.
  • Arrange emergency works and protection of your property.
  • Negotiate your business interruption claim.
  • Use our highly qualified staff to access the damage and oversee repairs to make sure that the job is completed both safely and to the highest standard.
  • Correspond with insurers, loss adjustors, surveyors, contractors, solicitors and accountants on your behalf.

Do you need help with your claim?

Auctoritas Solutions will ensure that the claim is dealt with in your best interests and in the correct manor. Please contact us for a free consultation.

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