Household Claims

Auctoritas Solutions are independent loss assessors dealing with all types of household claims from the straight forward to the more technical.  Our objective is to eliminate the stress and inconvenience associated with the claims procedure allowing our client’s to continue uninterrupted with their day to day lives.  We always seek to ensure our clients will receive the full benefit and potential of their insurance policy, and that they are left satisfied with the final result.

As your loss assessors we will be working for you exclusively as the policyholder and will guide you through the entire process and unburden you from corresponding via telephone, face to face and in writing with insurers and loss adjusters. Our priority is to be with you through every step of your claim.  We will assist you in obtaining estimates and valuations, and decipher policy wording.  Auctoritas Solutions will always give advice precisely, legitimately, and honestly, and keep our client’s regularly up to date with their claims progress. Our service is personal to each individual client.

Household Fire Claims


Loss adjustors working for the insurance company will review a fire claim once it has been submitted. Having professional representation helps remove the strain of dealing with the insurance company and assist you with compiling your claim to present the true value of loss. Find out more

Household Theft Claims


Sometimes you can be left feeling like the guilty party rather than the innocent victim. Unfortunately, a theft claim can highlight defections in your contents cover after you have presented the claim to insurers. You need to adhere to all relevant endorsements or clauses within your policy.  Find out more

Household Flood Claims


Something which on the surface looks minor can actually lead to major damage and upheaval for you and your family. It is essential that procedures and executed to ensure the best outcome for you the policyholder.
Find out more

Household Storm Damage


We will gather all relevant information to support your claim for storm damage. Including assessing the damage with a view to presenting it to the insurers as definitively cause by storm.  We will then be able to contact your insurance company and handle all correspondence and meetings on your behalf.  Find out more

Household Subsidence Claims


Subsidence claims can take years and be costly to be finalised with investigation and monitoring before repairs take place.  It is therefore essential for the cause of the movement to be correctly diagnosed at an early stage to reduce the timescale of the claim as much as possible and minimise disruption to yourselves.  Find out more

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