Household Flood

Flood & Water damage can cause substantial damage to your property and leave months of interruption to your daily lives. Something that on the surface looks minor can actually lead to major damage and upheaval for you and your family. It is essential that the correct procedures are executed in a timely manner to ensure the best outcome for you the policyholder.

Why Use Us?

Auctoritas Solutions will act for you and our goal is to return your home to its condition prior to the damage occurring. Insurance companies will often instruct loss adjustors who are employed by the insurance company and will deal with your claim on the insurers behalf, this can mean that sometimes your claim may not be handled the way you deserve.

  • Damage will be assessed precisely and efficiently and your insurance claim composed for you. We can manage contact with your insurance company and loss adjustors.
  • We can arrange specialist services to ensure cleaning and stripping out is completed to aid drying which will avoid further damage.
  • If alternative accommodation due to the level of repairs is required, we will assist you in finding suitable accommodation and agree this with your insurers for you.
  • We will ensure that if you use one of approved contractors that the works are carried out safely and to the highest of standards.

Do you need help with your claim?

Auctoritas Solutions will ensure that the claim is dealt with in your best interests and in the correct manor. Please contact us for a free consultation.

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Our offices are always contactable and ready assist with any questions and concerns.

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