Household Subsidence

Subsidence claims are happening more regularly with longer periods of dry weather causing foundation movement.  You may be concerned about cracks in your house, the damage that is occurring and what repairs may be required.? Also what affect will this have on the value of my house?

Subsidence claims can take years and be costly to be finalised with costly investigation and monitoring before repairs take place.

It is therefore essential for the cause of the movement to be correctly diagnosed at an early stage to reduce the timescale of the claim as much as possible and minimise disruption to yourselves.

Why use us?

Auctoritas Solutions have over 20 years’ experience with subsidence claims and are able to offer expert guidance throughout the whole life of the claim.

  • We can handle any aspect of the claim and offer you a full service dealing with loss adjustors and surveyors as well as the insurers.
  • If alternative accommodation is required due to the level of repairs, we will assist you in finding suitable accommodation and agree this with your insurers for you.
  • We will ensure that if you use one of our approved contractors that works are carried out safely and to the highest standards.


Do you need help with your claim?

Auctoritas Solutions will ensure that the claim is dealt with in your best interests and in the correct manor. Please contact us for a free consultation.

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